Documentary Films on The D-Word


No Hope For Men Below (2012) Directed by Adam Stafford (unreleased)

Directed by Adam Stafford

The Redding Pit is flooded & we've sons & fathers there!


Franco's Settlers (Los Colonos del Caudillo) (unreleased)

Directed by Dietmar Post & Lucia Palacios

A small village in Spain carries the name of its creator, the dictator Francisco Franco.


Granny's Got Game (unreleased)

A senior women's basketball team shows we are never too old to do what we love.


In Search Of Sound (2012)

excursions from the global underground


Moral Fibers (Working Title) (2013)

Traces the Alpaca fiber production chain, one of the fastest growing industries in Peru

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Let Fury Have the Hour (2012)

Produced by James L. Reid

Investigates the movement of World Citizenship through creative activists worldwide.


Carl(a) (2011)

Produced by Shauna Kartt Jaeger

Carla, a male to female pre-op transsexual, is faced with a tough dilemma.


The Anderson Monarchs (2012)

Produced by Eugene Martin

The Anderson Monarchs are making history.

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Valley of Saints (unreleased)

Produced by Nicholas Bruckman


A Mother's Love: Rosamond Carr & a lifetime in Rwanda (unreleased)

Directed by Eamonn Gearon

The extraordinary story of the late Rosamond Carr's life spent in Rwanda

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The Rubber Soldiers (2011)

Directed by Eva Neide

the forgotten army


Striking a Chord (2010)

Directed by Susan Cohn Rockefeller

Music heals


Hearts & Mines - a documentary from Central Vietnam (2011)

Directed by Joan Widdifield


Lavender Hall (unreleased)

Produced by Lisa Guidetti & Renee Kopec

Lavender Hall is a frequently funny and occasionally disquieting portrait of a residential care home


Puppet (unreleased)

Directed by David Soll

"Without being alive, they seem to have all that is necessary to life." -New York Times, 12/23/1932


Power & Place (2010)

Directed by John Burgan

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Bonsai (2010)

Directed by Holly Mosher

Celebrating the Vision of Muhammad Yunus

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Moonrise Over Manzanar (unreleased)

Directed by Aby Rao


Out at Lunch (2010)

Directed by Alisa Arnah

New documentary from LifeSliceFilms