Documentary Films on The D-Word


Crisis in the Valley (unreleased)

Finding a silver lining in a deadly Pandemic


Simulating Religious Violence (unreleased)

Program it. Predict it. Prevent it.

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Hockeyland (2022)

Directed by Tommy Haines

Northern Minnesota, here, hockey is life.


The Far Field (2022)

A black-comic fiction merging Tati and Mr. Magoo.


Jimmy in Saigon (unreleased)

Produced by Peter W Schulman

Jimmy in Saigon explores the mysterious life and death of James Austin McDowell, a Vietnam veteran.


Motel Drive (2022)

In an infamous strip of motels, a large infrastructure project upends the lives of its denizens.


Âme de Femmes (unreleased)


Sándor's Oregon Trail: The Barlow Road (2022)

Sándor follows footsteps of pioneers & Native people on the most perilous path of the Oregon Trail.

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Bo Legs (2021)

Documentary on Marvin Arrington, a centerpiece of Atlanta politics and culture.

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Thus: The Conclusion (unreleased)

Over a decades journey begins its end.

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Finding Groovopolis (unreleased)


The Presidents' Tailor - From Auschwitz to the White House (2021)

Produced by Mike Brandin

Martin Greenfield survived the Holocaust to become America’s greatest tailor.


The Strait Guys (2021)

Produced by Gunter Hanfgarn

London to New York by rail. Sound impossible? Not with the Intercontinental Railway!

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The Rest Of Your Life (unreleased)

Directed by Rebecca Grossman


Connie Bottinelli (2022)

When a teacher's cold turns deadly, her 8 yr old students support her to cross unthinkable hurdles.