Documentary Films on The D-Word

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The University (unreleased)


One Person, One Vote? (unreleased)

A feature doc examining the Electoral College and how race and slavery shaped the electoral process.

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A Week in the Life of a Refugee Assistance Organization (2022)

Explains how a refugee assistance organization operates


We Are The Warriors (2023)

A small Maine town decides the fate of its American Indian mascot.


Blues for 475 (unreleased)

It Could Happen to You

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Healing Hands (unreleased)

The art of healing and the healing power of art


Something To Me (unreleased)


Redline Veterans of Washington-Escobedo (unreleased)

James F. Freeman found the military services were no more willing to provide equality of opportunity


Crisis in the Valley (unreleased)

Finding a silver lining in a deadly Pandemic


Changing By The Minute (2022)

One year in a boldly inefficient and startlingly upbeat public middle school in NYC.


Swing and Sway (2022)

Produced by Jessica Luz

As a counterpoint to a (dis)connected world two girlfriends engage in a filmic provocation.

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Finding Her Beat (2022)

Big Drums. Big Dreams.


Three (Extra)Ordinary Women (unreleased)

Pearlette, Tammy and Terry are Three (Extra)Ordinary Women of color who collectively have overcome p


Beethoven's Last Will And Testament (2023)

The Late String Quartets as Testament to Beethoven's genius


The Movement and the Madman (unreleased)

Directed by Stephen Talbot

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Beyond Closed Doors (2022)

The world took her innocence, but it cannot take her purpose.


'Motherland' Documentary Feature Film (2022)

Produced by Lauri Apelian

Struggle for Freedom

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Take Hands (unreleased)

Can a divided town find common ground at a dance?