Documentary Films on The D-Word


The Water Is My Sky (2021)

The Water Is My Sky offers a unique glimpse into the world of elite competitive swimming.


Lost In Berlin (unreleased)

Produced by Rodney S. Martel

"A son races against time to understand his family's complicated past before his mother's fading mem


Waiting takes time (2020)

sport documentary


Confounding Father: A Contrarian Look . . . (unreleased)

Confounding Father: A Contrarian Look at the U.S. Constitution


Flamenco: the Land Is Still Fertile (unreleased)

a documentary about an art that speaks to the soul and frees the emotions


Olympia (2020)


Unforgotten 24 (unreleased)

Directed by Jeremy Doublestein

One man's fight. Another man's honor.


Dr. John Gayden & The Opioid Epidemic (2020)

A Florida doctor is arrested over prescribing oxycodone & engaging in sexual activities with minors

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Jimmy in Saigon (unreleased)

Jimmy in Saigon explores the mysterious life and death of James Austin McDowell, a Vietnam veteran.


Because I'm Here (2022)

A story of a rural, gay, black, devoutly Christian, gospel musician that took 35 years to tell.


All We've Lost (unreleased)


Parkway of Broken Dreams (unreleased)

Beyond the Strip. Behind the Neon. A Las Vegas Story Like No Other.

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Green Fire (2020)

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Park View (unreleased)

Illuminating the humanity of a lesbian hate crime murder victim in a Southern coastal town

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Dark Market (WT) (unreleased)


Crip Camp (2020)

Produced by Sara Bolder

Not Overcoming. Becoming.

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Bullies And Friends Documentary Film (unreleased)

Investigates the epidemic of bullying related suicide, bullying and relational aggression

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Bullies and Friends (unreleased)

Investigates the growing epidemic of bullying and subculture of relational aggression


GODPLEX (unreleased)

dreams are free, reality burns