Documentary Films on The D-Word


Beethoven's Last Will And Testament (2023)

The Late String Quartets as Testament to Beethoven's genius


The Movement and the Madman (unreleased)

Directed by Stephen Talbot

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Beyond Closed Doors (2022)

The world took her innocence, but it cannot take her purpose.


Awkward / Awesome (2022)

One year in a boldly inefficient and startlingly upbeat public middle school in NYC.


'Motherland' Documentary Feature Film (2022)

Produced by Lauri Apelian

Struggle for Freedom

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Take Hands (unreleased)

Can a divided town find common ground at a dance?


To the West (2018)

A documentary about Western folklife, cowboy poets, and the American frontier.


Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic (2022)

Produced by Stephen Peek


Fairways to Happiness (2022)

The Search for a Good Life, on and off the Course.


Boys on the Inside (unreleased)

Feature documentary about 'boy' identity in women's prisons.


Warne Marsh: An Improvised Live (unreleased)

Stepping out of the shadow of his father's genius, a son discover's his father and his legacy.

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Our Forever Home (unreleased)

NYC career woman adopts a 13 year-old girl who doesn't speak English


Little Miss Westie (2021)

The coming of age of two transgender siblings as they strive for the crown in a local beauty pageant

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Michael Daughter's Foundation Promo Video (unreleased)

A non-profit that works with teenagers whose parents are incarcerated needed a promo video.


Crisis in the Valley (unreleased)

Finding a silver lining in a deadly Pandemic


Simulating Religious Violence (unreleased)

Program it. Predict it. Prevent it.


The Far Field (2022)

A black-comic fiction merging Tati and Mr. Magoo.


Jimmy in Saigon (unreleased)

Produced by Peter W Schulman

Jimmy in Saigon explores the mysterious life and death of James Austin McDowell, a Vietnam veteran.


Motel Drive (2022)

In an infamous strip of motels, a large infrastructure project upends the lives of its denizens.