Documentary Films on The D-Word

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Memorare Manila (unreleased)

Directed by Alex Skalomenos

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Moonchild: The Life and Music of Yusuf Salim (unreleased)

The musical journey of jazz pianist Yusuf Salim...

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Together through Music (unreleased)

Directed by Bryan Hughes

Ken Abrams and the SRVHS Vocal Music Program


I Was a Paid Propagandist (unreleased)

“Tell the truth and run.” -- Old Yugoslav expression


Fear and Now (unreleased)

The best kept secret in the birthing world

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Left Lane Straight (unreleased)

Produced by Deana Morenoff

A personal Greek Jewish odyssey - the inheritance of strength, the imperative of joy

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Liberty Call (unreleased)

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Raising Zuly (unreleased)

Where is the best place to raise my child who has Down syndrome? A mother wonders.



Directed by Bradley G Jones

The Newest Hope for Cancer may be One of the Oldest

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The Disappearance of Miss Scott (2023)

A PBS documentary on the musical and political impact of a major pianist and activist of the 20th C.


When Home is Elsewhere (2022)

An orphan, a divorcee, and a traumatized refugee now in his 70's, my father has not yet found home.


Seconds Out: Undaunted (unreleased)

Young woman becomes a U.S. Citizen, a professional boxer, and an attorney. Password: Ola1


Burned Over (unreleased)

Freedom, love, and the search for heaven on earth in a young America

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The Workshop (2023)

The first film to take viewers inside the prestigious and private Iowa Writers’ Workshop.


Shelter in the Palace (2023)

a twelve-year-old girl navigating 7th grade, enduring homelessness and taking over a home.


The Man with the Big Hat (unreleased)

Directed by Austin Sayre

A love story of its own composure. A rumor in its own time.


The Great Now What (unreleased)

Surviving a stroke is just the beginning.