Documentary Films on The D-Word

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The Workshop (2023)

The first film to take viewers inside the prestigious and private Iowa Writers’ Workshop.


Shelter in the Palace (2023)

a twelve-year-old girl navigating 7th grade, enduring homelessness and taking over a home.


The Man with the Big Hat (unreleased)

Directed by Austin Sayre

A love story of its own composure. A rumor in its own time.


The Great Now What (unreleased)

Surviving a stroke is just the beginning.


Dog Walk Home (2022)

Produced by Vicki Topaz

Reuniting Veterans and Their Families


When Home is Elsewhere (2022)

Once an orphan, a divorcee, and a traumatized refugee in his 70's, my father has not yet found home.


Veterans of Washington-Escobedo (unreleased)

James F. Freeman found the military services were no more willing to provide equality of opportunity


Presente! (2022)

Produced by Daniele Wieczorek de Souza


366-Day Lo-Fi Project (2021)

During 2020, I shoot a daily video.

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Taking Orders (2021)

The COVID-19 pandemic has left small businesses struggling and in doubt if they will survive.


Kapaemahu (2020)

The hidden history of four powerful healing stones at Waikiki, and the legendary dual spirits within

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The Science & Mystery of Love (unreleased)

Exploring the truths. Exploding the myths. Embracing the mysteries of love.


No Hillside without a Grave (2021)

A carefully researched feature documentary of the events depicted in the films Zulu and Zulu Dawn


Project Vulcano (looking for name) (unreleased)

Multiple Generations One Vibration


Great Lakes Water Warriors (unreleased)

Great Lakes Water Warriors is a series of short documentaries about the Great Lakes Water Protectors


Topography (unreleased)

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Elemental - Atomic Tales & Periodic Fables (2021)

Produced by Mike Paterson


Robotic Vision (unreleased)

Directed by Matthew Dahlitz

The History of Australian Robotic Vision