Documentary Films on The D-Word

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Sweet (2020)

Work in progress

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Live PD Rewind (2020)

Produced by Mitchell Gersten


366-Day Lo-Fi Project (2020)

During 2020, I shoot a daily video.


The Narwhal's Wake (2020)

Produced by Cat Hartwell

In the face of seismic cannon blasting the creature that spawned a legend may soon become myth.


The Invisible Veil -- Colors in Harmony (unreleased)

Produced by Robert Pacelli

A shared sense of humanity characterizes Cuban’s society; their flag symbolizes unity, cooperation.


Sorry, We're Closed... (2021)

Changing Pastimes. What are you willing to lose?


The Search for Count Dante (2020)

The Deadliest Man Alive and how he died at 35.


FIGHTER: a boxing story (2020)

100% disabled vet and former Army boxing champion founds a non-profit gym to work with at risk kids

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Movie Pioneers Archive (unreleased)

First-hand personal stories from pioneers who made film history.


Burned Over (unreleased)

Freedom, love, and the search for heaven on earth in a young America


Maestro Roman Toi Beautiful Songs Dedicated to You (2020)

Conductor Roman Toi's exilic choirs sing like a fist to restore freedom and democracy into Estonia.


Splice Here: A Projected Odyssey (2020)

Directed by Rob Murphy


Pictures of Infinity (2019)

A feature documentary about Nikola Tesla's vision for a sustainable energy future

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A PARADISE LOST (unreleased)


Where The Roots Lie (2021)

The first and only female drum troupe in Cambodia push against gender and cultural norms.