Documentary Films on The D-Word

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THE ART OF UN-WAR (unreleased)


The Last Great War (2023)

Winners Don't Blink

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Fighting an Invisible Enemy (2021)

The Voices of Havana Syndrome


Blackface TV: From Amos 'n Andy to Bridgerton (unreleased)

Produced by Walter H Gavin

A History of Black character-driven commercial television programming beginning with Amos ‘n Andy an


Planting Trees and the environment (unreleased)

#trees #bees #interviews

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American Masters (unreleased)


Our American rodeo (2023)

Native America's rodeo riders and the nation they ride for.


Point Of Origin (unreleased)

Tracing our global supply chains back to the communities and human stories that keep them thriving.


Mighty Casey (2023)

Without darkness there is no light


The Last Great War (2023)

When a newspaper wins, everyone loses

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The Austin School Shooting (unreleased)

The untold true crime story of the murder of Muchison teacher Rod Grayson.


The Burden of Steel: Yasuke, An African Warrior in Japan (2023)

A 16th Century Poet/Warrior/ ventures from East Africa to the Inner Circle of a Japanese Warlord


ShalOM (unreleased)

After a 3000-year wait, Jews and Hindus have a dialogue.

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ALT ONE (unreleased)

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KARMA (unreleased)

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Voice of Vanilla (unreleased)

Directed by Gaelle Borgia


An Old School Explorer (unreleased)


Getting Dirty Cob Building and Community (2012)

This is a journey in to a landscape of mud, clay and sand


Dear Doris (2023)

Directed by Scott Bruacht

The legendary late 80s drag queen Doris Fish and her fabulous journey to starring, writing and produ

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Interceptors (unreleased)

Story of a sci-fi missile range and its people in the middle of "almost paradise"