Documentary Films on The D-Word

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America's National Parks (2012)

Experience America's national parks, breathtakingly filmed!

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The Winter Roach:New York City Invasive Cold Tolerant Roach (2014)

A new roach has appeared on the New York scene; one with ability to tolerate the cold. What is thi


Jersey Shore (2012)

Get ready to GTL, smush and Jersey Turnpike.



Directed by Bradley G Jones

The Newest Hope for Cancer may be One of the Oldest

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THE ART OF UN-WAR (unreleased)

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Accident Case Study : Into Thin Air (2021)

Produced by Tyler Pangborn

The Air Safety Institute follows a plane's ill-fated flight in the Rocky Mountains.

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Seeing Stars in Indiana (2011)

Commissioned by WIPB-PBS Indiana, this documentary does what we rarely do, look up!

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Crows of the Desert (2017)

A Hero's Journey through the Armenian Genocide


Cycling China With Peter Crosby (2021)

Directed by JiaMu MENG

American Photographer's China Odyssey Revisited After Three Decades


Preserving Democracy (2022)

Pursuing a More Perfect Union

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The Martha Mitchell Effect (2022)

Directed by Anne Alvergue

She was once as famous as Jackie O. And then she tried to take down a President.


The Movement and the Madman (unreleased)

Directed by Stephen Talbot


The Boys Who Said NO! (2020)

Directed by Judith Ehrlich

Draft Resistance and the Vietnam War


Truly Texas Mexican (2021)

Produced by Virginia Diaz-Laughlin

The Native American roots of Texas Mexican food serve up tacos, feminism and cultural resistance.

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Beyond Closed Doors (2022)

The world took her innocence, but it cannot take her purpose.