Documentary Films on The D-Word

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Kismet Holiday (unreleased)

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Kings From Queens (unreleased)

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True North (unreleased)


Art of Healing (2022)

Directed by Everett Ravens


Anything You Lose (2018)

Personal doc on Reproductive Technologies.

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We are Lions (2023)

Directed by Elvis Leon


In God We Trust, Inc.- The Lost Tapes (2003)

Directed by Eric S. Goodfield

A film showing the original recording session of Dead Kennedys album In God We Trust, Inc.


BBC StoryWorks // Clif Bar (2021)

How the food industry can put people and the planet first


For Tomorrow (2022)

Directed by An Tran

A documentary about grassroots innovators

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The Furious Light (unreleased)

Directed by David Ullman

So you wanna be a rockstar?


The Heart of Amilcar Cabral (unreleased)

THOAC is essentially a hero’s journey about one man’s quest to liberate his people from colonization


Baliu Kano Kai (unreleased)

Directed by Albert Bansa

indigenous, sarawak, borneo, land

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PAX Service: An Alternative to War (2008)

Produced by Burton Buller

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Waging Peace: Muslim and Christian Alternatives (2011)

Produced by Burton Buller


A La Calle (2020)