Documentary Films on The D-Word

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Seaspiracy (2021)

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The Starling Project (2023)

creating change, from pole to pole

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American Oz (2021)


Negative Buoyancy, the story of a freediver (2021)

A freediver transforms into water while he dives beneath the surface and connects with nature.


Street Heroines (2021)

Produced by Jordan Noël Hawkes

The courage and creativity of female graffiti and street artists.

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My Summers Of Love (2021)

If we give young people the freedom to create their own structures, they will thrive.

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America from the Ground Up s300 (2022)

Join the expedition to explore America's archaeological history.


Afro-Iranian Musician (2016)

A short film on Saeed Shanbehzadeh music, and the fascinating and little-known Afro-Iranian music.


Living In The Past (unreleased)


Kiosk, A Generation Destroyed By Madness (2013)

Kiosk - the band and the movie - makes music from the howl of oppression.


My City Pizza (2008)

An often funny documentary about Tehran's pizzerias as a battelground between traditions & modernity

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The 8th (2020)


Box of Rain (unreleased)

A documentary film about a road trip, acceptance, and the healing power of music.


The Four Lives of Federico Faggin (2021)

From the Invention of the Microprocessor to the New Science of Consciousness

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My Vietnam Your Iraq (2011)

Stories from eight Vietnam War veterans who have children that served in Iraq.