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Minor Details (2011)

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A soldier returns home from Afghanistan and faces culture shock as he attempts to finish his degree.


Death: A Love Story (1999)

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An intimate look into the gift that death can be when we can sit with our loved ones as they pass.


The Art of Un-War (2021)

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Artist Krzysztof Wodiczko helps those whose voices often go unheard speak up in public space.


masterjam (2018)

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Its groove is on the one.


Point Of Origin (unreleased)

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Tracing our global supply chains back to the communities and human stories that keep them thriving.


Lessons of Basketball and War (2015)

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Somali refugee girls struggle to make a new life in America with the help of dedicated educators.


Terror and Hope: The Science of Resilience (2020)

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Scientists and humanitarians combine rigorous research & informed compassion to heal Syrian refugees


Here We Are (2021)

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Brits in Belgium highlight the personal consequences of the UK’s departure from the EU.


Trapped by Plastic (2021)

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Photographer Mandy Barker shows the devastating and far-reaching impact of marine plastic pollution.


Reunification (2016)

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For 17 years, the filmmaker confronts memories of migration and a once intact family.


I'm Modern I'm Indigenous (2021)

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Directed by Carlos Eduardo Magalhães


The Guarani Spring (2018)

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Ara Pyau - The Guarani Spring


Little Miss Westie (2021)

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The coming of age of two transgender siblings as they strive for the crown in a local beauty pageant


ALIEN CITIZEN: An Earth Odyssey (2017)

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"I'm not from a place. I'm from people."


Four Years of Love: the Grenada Revolution (2021)

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The story of a peaceful revolution that usered in a new sense of self for the people of Grenada.


Crisis in the Valley (unreleased)

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Finding a silver lining in a deadly Pandemic


The Burden of Steel: Yasuke, An African Warrior in Japan (2023)

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A 16th Century Poet/Warrior/ ventures from East Africa to the Inner Circle of a Japanese Warlord


The Truth - nothing less, nothing more (2019)

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How far would you go to live the life 'you' want?


POISONED: Not a single family is healthy (2020)

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an Indian village sickened by contaminated water