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Afro-Iranian Musician (2016)

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A short film on Saeed Shanbehzadeh music, and the fascinating and little-known Afro-Iranian music.


Kiosk, A Generation Destroyed By Madness (2013)

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Kiosk - the band and the movie - makes music from the howl of oppression.


My City Pizza (2008)

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An often funny documentary about Tehran's pizzerias as a battelground between traditions & modernity

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Textures And Stories At Algarve (2020)

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Textures and stories


The Fruit of Our Labor (2011)

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Directed by Community Supported Film

Afghan Perspectives in Film


New Immigrant and Refugee Visions (2017)

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Directed by Community Supported Film

Films by and about immigrants


Owning Our Future (2015)

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Directed by Community Supported Film

Haitian Perspectives in Film


LowerTown Paducah (2012)

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A documentary about people making art in the most unlikely of places.


The Saxon New World (2012)

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A short documentary film about 19th-century Saxons who settled in rural Missouri


The Homeless Coronavirus Outreach (2020)

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The Homeless of San Francisco become informed about covid-19


Crip Camp (2020)

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Produced by Sara Bolder

Not Overcoming. Becoming.