Documentary Films on The D-Word

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Te lo tengo que decir (2017)

Directed by Soledad Cort├ęs

Dreams and perspectives of a YouTuber girl.

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Making Glaciers (2018)

As glaciers recede due to climate change, we lose much more than merely ice.


Unheard: The Ears of Meniere's (unreleased)

An investigative look at an incurable disease that has remained unheard for too long.

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Sweet (2020)

Work in progress

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Active Voices (2019)

Gun Reform Activism in Rochester, NY


Renegade (2019)

Produced by Stephen Peek


I Dream of Dance (2018)

Produced by Stephen Peek


Unacknowledged (2017)

Produced by Stephen Peek

We're Not Alone. We Never Were.

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Vice Live (2019)

Produced by Mitchell Gersten

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Sauti (Voice) (2017)