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The Way Home: Journey of Family and Faith

A documentary portrait of three generations of Tibetan women in one family



This is the story of three generations of women in a Tibetan family living in exile in the U.S. who face the dual challenge of saving their dying culture while building new lives in the U.S.
A 78 year old grandmother Bhalu Bhalu makes a dangerous life-altering journey when she escapes from Tibet in 1959 after the failed Tibetan uprising. Bhalu loses everything to live in limbo in a refugee settlement in India, facing death and deprivation while harboring the hope that she may one day return home.
Balu’s daughter, Tsering Wangmo, age 45, grew up in poverty with her family in the refugee settlement. Tsering leaves home at age 16 seeking a better future with a Tibetan Opera Company. Life as a Tibetan artist opens up a new world for her and she eventually fulfills her dream to live in America where she copes with the clash of cultures and struggles to provide for her child and care for her aging mother and extended family. Yangchen Lhamo, Tsering’s 20 year old daughter, identifies as bot

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