Documentary Films on The D-Word


The Burden of Steel: Yasuke, An African Warrior in Japan (2023)

Produced by Deborah Ann De Snoo

A 16th Century Poet/Warrior/ ventures from East Africa to the Inner Circle of a Japanese Warlord


ShalOM (unreleased)

Produced by Jenn Lindsay

After a 3000-year wait, Jews and Hindus have a dialogue.

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Voice of Vanilla (unreleased)

Directed by Gaelle Borgia


An Old School Explorer (unreleased)


Getting Dirty Cob Building and Community (2012)

Produced by Penelope Andrews

This is a journey in to a landscape of mud, clay and sand


Dear Doris (2023)

Directed by Scott Bruacht

The legendary late 80s drag queen Doris Fish and her fabulous journey to starring, writing and produ

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Interceptors (unreleased)

Story of a sci-fi missile range and its people in the middle of "almost paradise"

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The Starling Project (2023)

creating change, from pole to pole

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America from the Ground Up s300 (2022)

Produced by Monty Dobson

Join the expedition to explore America's archaeological history.

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RED SAILS (unreleased)


The Dark Side of Sunshine (unreleased)

How increased government transparency benefits the powerful


Minding Shadows (unreleased)

Produced by Jenn Lindsay

Whatever you resist persists....


Bandoola and Frog (unreleased)

An instagram Character we have fun with.


Battle of Imphal. (unreleased)

A book and documentary about The Battle of Imphal.

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What's On Your Plate (unreleased)

Produced by Anna Lamond

A look into the underbelly of our food system.

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Philani Sikhosana (unreleased)

Samrcol strike happened in 1985 in which workers were dismissed as the strike was taken as illegal

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Beaver day (unreleased)

Directed by Anna Kozlova

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XPRESSO (unreleased)

Truth Be Bold



Produced by christine hartland

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Your Truly, Trauma (unreleased)

Directed by Linn Rivers

Navigating Trauma and utilizing its messages to become the best version of yourself