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Following Fania

Directed by Lisa Kenner Grissom & Christa P. Whitney
A film about the life, impact, and legacy of Jewish WWII resistance fighter, Fania Brantsovsky


Biography, Essay, History, and Cultural History

An all-female crew travels to Vilnius, Lithuania to follow in the footsteps of 100-year-old Fania Brantsovsky, who, in 1943, escaped the Jewish ghetto to the surrounding forest and fought against the Nazis as a partisan resistance fighter. After liberation, Fania devoted her life to preserving Jewish culture by saving Yiddish books as a librarian, and to educating generations about the Jewish resistance as a beloved tour guide. Now, as the world confronts the impending loss of Holocaust survivors’ voices amidst rising global fascism, Fania’s story, her impact on others, and her legacy are more important than ever.

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Following Fania LLC
United States
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