Documentary Films on The D-Word


Simulating Religious Violence (unreleased)

Produced by Jenn Lindsay

Program it. Predict it. Prevent it.


The Far Field (2022)

Produced by John Slattery

A black-comic fiction merging Tati and Mr. Magoo.


Âme de Femmes (unreleased)

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Bo Legs (2021)

Documentary on Marvin Arrington, a centerpiece of Atlanta politics and culture.

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Thus: The Conclusion (unreleased)

Produced by Aimee Jennings

Over a decades journey begins its end.

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Finding Groovopolis (unreleased)

Directed by Wil Kristin


The Seasonals (The migratory birds) (2022)

Directed by Marwen El Hechkel


The Presidents' Tailor - From Auschwitz to the White House (2021)

Produced by Mike Brandin

Martin Greenfield survived the Holocaust to become America’s greatest tailor.

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The Rest Of Your Life (unreleased)

Directed by Rebecca Grossman


The Red River Flood (2021)

Produced by David Kuznicki


Connie Bottinelli (2022)

Directed by Connie Bottinelli

When a teacher's cold turns deadly, her 8 yr old students support her to cross unthinkable hurdles.

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My Summers Of Love (2021)

Produced by DON STRONG

If we give young people the freedom to create their own structures, they will thrive.


Fruits of Labor (2020)

Fruits of Labor follows the day-in-a-life of a young farm and factory worker in Central California.


Rooted Out (2022)

Directed by Julie Casper Roth

A gay couple fights for equity after being denied a marriage license in their small town.


The M.R.P. Series (unreleased)

Produced by Jenn Lindsay binary code.


Crip Camp (2020)

Directed by Nicole Newnham & Jim LeBrecht

Not Overcoming. Becoming.

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Release From Reason (unreleased)

Directed by gabriel polonsky

A man devotes his life to art, at all costs, and fuels an American art movement.


Matthew (2021)

Directed by Emmanuel Hernandez

Documentary Film