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Healing Hands

Produced by Laurie Blakely
The art of healing and the healing power of art


Arts, Personal Doc, Contemporary Issues, Essay, and Music

Healing Hands is a documentary film about transcending brokenness and restoring balance in life.

After I lost a parent and several friends after struggles with long illnesses or even suicide, I wondered: What does healing mean in the face of physical illnesses, depression and spiritual upheaval? How could my art be a restorative instrument? ​Healing Hands is the result of these reflections.

I ask three healers to explore questions around the nature of healing- including death, gratitude, acceptance and humor. I cast each healers’ hand and incorporate it into an abstract sculpture as I reflect on the wisdom shared by the healers. The sound track adds another dimension to the contemplative tone of the documentary.as a professionally trained sound healer created the melodic and calming soundscape for the film.

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