Documentary Films on The D-Word

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Housing (2009)

Directed by Federica di Giacomo

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Dick-George, Tenn-Tom (2007)

A sardonic look at the political rivalry between President Richard Nixon and Gov. George Wallace.

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Banking on Life and Debt (1987)

Short version of "The Money Lenders" investigation of World Bank and IMF

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Asbestos Alert (1982)

Strategies for asbestos safety and health


Power & Place (2010)

Directed by John Burgan


God knows (2008)

Directed by Magdalena Hutter

Meet Celeste: Social worker, teacher, barista, and illegal immigrant.


Memories of Rain (2004)

Directed by Gisela Albrecht and Angela Mai


Mad Believer (2010)

A voyage of self-discovery to answer the question: Can a believer be mad at God because of death?

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Bonsai (2010)

Directed by Holly Mosher

Celebrating the Vision of Muhammad Yunus


Clandestine (2009)

A fiction/non-fiction hybrid made entirely with archival material about adultery and espionage.


Splitting Hairs (2009)

A story about the American invasion of the world beard and mustache championships


The Big Story of Small Potatoes Niagara's Rock Music History (2009)

Filmmaker Paul Miil explores the roots of the lost music scene of Niagara, circa 1964-1974.


Till You're Told To Stop (2010)

James Blunt's meteoric rise story reveals the making of a global pop phenomenon as never seen before

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Beide Seiten (2008)

Both the sides

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Moonrise Over Manzanar (unreleased)

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1 in 6 (unreleased)


Ghost Player (2009)

Relive the Magic


Man Zou: Beijing to Shanghai (2009)

Riding slowly through the rapidly changin landscape of China