Documentary Films on The D-Word


Window Calls U (2009)

Directed by Robin Das

Women,nature,window,Global Warming


Man,Freedom & God (2009)

Directed by Robin Das

Freedom,Untold,History,USA,Britin<India, Gandhi,Subash Bose


Liam Clancy and Friends - Live at The Bitter End (2008)

Directed by Alan Gilsenan


A Circle and Three Lines (2009)

Do you know what the peace symbol REALLY means?

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CBS News Inquiry: The Warren Report (1967)

Produced by Robert Richter

Shall we now believe the Warren Report?


Paving The Way: The National Park-to-Park Highway (2009)

11 States. 12 Parks. 76 Days. 1 Loop.

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The Business of Hunger (1987)

Short version of "Hungry for Profit" (see below), narrated by Ruby Dee

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Marry Me: Stories from the San Francisco Weddings (2004)

The personal stories behind the gay marriage revolution in San Francisco in 2004.


S H I K A S H I K A (2008)

ice from the mountain tastes sweeter

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Hair India (2008)

India, beauty

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Housing (2009)

Directed by Federica di Giacomo

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Dick-George, Tenn-Tom (2007)

A sardonic look at the political rivalry between President Richard Nixon and Gov. George Wallace.

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Banking on Life and Debt (1987)

Short version of "The Money Lenders" investigation of World Bank and IMF

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Asbestos Alert (1982)

Strategies for asbestos safety and health


Power & Place (2010)

Directed by John Burgan


God knows (2008)

Directed by Magdalena Hutter

Meet Celeste: Social worker, teacher, barista, and illegal immigrant.