Documentary Films on The D-Word

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Didulambara (Shining Sky) (2005)

40 years of history of Peoples Liberation front of Sri Lanka

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Cradle of Technology -In the Hanthana Valley (1993)

Functions of faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya


Witness (1999)

Directed by Joanna Kohler

A story for adults working with youth.


Earthquake Diaries (2007)

Produced by Syed Azfar Ali Rizvi

When heaven was turned upside down

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One Good Year (2011)

Directed by Mikal Jakubal

Marijuana and the real life stories of the people who grow it in Humboldt County, CA.

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Listen Up: The Lives of Quincy Jones (1990)

Many Roles. Many Lives. One fascinating man.


Women of Faith (2010)

Why do women stay in the Catholic Church today?


Three Kings of Belize (2009)

three elderly musicians hold on to the way of life they cherish


Striking a Chord (2010)

Directed by Susan Cohn Rockefeller

Music heals

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Rink Rats (2010)

When a street hockey rink was the universe...


Wanchaq (2007)

Directed by Erick Aquino Montoro

Pacha Tinku (A Full Belly)


FEAT: 63 Marathons in 63 Days (2010)

The hope for a cure lies in the feet of one man.


Camp Victory,Afghanistan (2010)

A true story of Americas Exit Strategy from Afghanistan


The Inevitable Flight (2009)

Produced by Syed Azfar Ali Rizvi

The flight for survival