Renga for The West

In their voices, through their own eyes - self-directed refugee stories from the new American West.


Current Affairs, Human Rights, Politics, Culture, and Minorities

In 2016, Montana opened its doors to refugees for the first time this century. The New Neighbors Project explores the relationship between new refugee arrivals and long-time Montanans through a tapestry of self-directed first person stories.

In a forty-minute film we weave together short documentary videos that refugees from DRC, Ethiopia and Eritrea shoot and direct as they investigate their new physical and emotional realities. These films are brought to life through participation in our three-month media production workshop, augmented with observational footage shot from our own perspectives, as Montanans.

Follow refugees as they venture into dramatic western terrains (both physical and social) and glimpse the spirit of our changing state. Hunters from Central-Africa teach ones from Middle-America new ways to slaughter a goat and stylists from the Middle East give a fresh look to conservative mountain fashions.

in post-production
Running time
40 minutes


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Prod. Co.
Renga Media
United States
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Missoula, MT

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