Documentary Films on The D-Word

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Bigger Stronger Faster* (unreleased)

Directed by Chris Bell

The Side Effects Of Being American.


Surviving Peace (2017)

Directed by Josef Avesar

Documentary film on Israel/Palestine


Jesuits of Tullabeg (2017)

Directed by Edward White

A rare glimpse into the lives of those who lived and worked in Tullabeg during the famine years


In Transition 1.0 (2008)

From oil dependence to local resilience

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From Selma to New York (2015)

Directed by Monika Watkins


Theatre of Survival - The Life and Times of The Space (unreleased)

Directed by Mark Street, Daniel Poole & Brian Astbury

Making the impossible possible.


Autism in America (unreleased)

Produced by Tim VandeSteeg

Putting the puzzle together one beautiful piece at a time


Vollis Simpson, Whirligig Maker (unreleased)

Directed by Gerret Warner

Vollis Simpson, Visionary Artist of the Junkyard


The Sust Enable Project (unreleased)

Directed by Caroline Savery

An artistic documentary exploration into the meanings of "sustainability."


Boron Mon Amour (unreleased)

Is Element Atomic Number 5 really as boring as it sounds? A Hymn to the Humdrum


Maji Zuwa (unreleased)

Directed by Ben Blair

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Malcolm McLaren: Spectacular Failure (unreleased)

Directed by Martin Herring

The life and legacy of the godfather of punk.

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After The Fair (2013)

Directed by Ryan Ritchey

The Legacy of the 1964-65 NY World's Fair


Demo Reel 2011 (unreleased)


WHY WOMEN DO IT (unreleased)

Directed by Gilbert Ndahayo

In Uganda, women kneel down to the ground when greeting men... even greeting teenagers.


Babies From Talavera (2012)

Rocking the Cradle Behind Bars