Documentary Films on The D-Word

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Memorare Manila (unreleased)

Directed by Alex Skalomenos


How To Tell A Secret (2022)

Directed by Anna Rodgers

A documentary theatre film portraying the stories of people who are HIV positive in Ireland.


Palleca tandu - C etait Palleca (2021)

How life once was in Palleca as seen through intemporal present times witnesses


Michel Brault, the Cinema is What You Want It to Be (2012)

Michel Brault Direct Cinema Jean Rouch Chroniques d'un été Eclair Coutant

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The University (unreleased)

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Babes in the Wood (2019)

Directed by David Ward

30 years on, can a cold case investigation bring a child-murderer to justice?


Who Killed Billie-Jo? (2021)

Directed by David Ward

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Supremely Ill-Suited (unreleased)

The US Supreme Court, an 18th century solution to 21s century problems.

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VetLife (working title) (unreleased)

This is not your kids happy puppy story. Kittens, puppies, crushing student loans, euthanasia, rape

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In Search of the Travelling Salesman (unreleased)

Directed by Ana Nicolau


Miss Alma Thomas: A Life in Color (2021)

Directed by Cheri Gaulke

Alma W. Thomas, a Black woman artist, broke color barriers on and off the canvas.


No Ordinary Man (2020)

Produced by Sarah Spring

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A Bunch of Amateurs (2022)

Only a miracle can save Britain’s oldest amateur film club from its final demise.


Stop Drop and Roll (2024)

A family healing story


Alive Inside (2015)

a story of music and memory


Harlem Rising (2020)

Produced by Maximina Juson

A community changing the odds


Mama Bears (2022)


One Person, One Vote? (unreleased)

A feature doc examining the Electoral College and how race and slavery shaped the electoral process.


Skate or Die (2021)


Be About It (2016)

Two fathers, two families, battling against a silent but deadly disease