Documentary Films on The D-Word


Tigre Pintado (2024)

Directed by Esteban Alarcon & Paulette Sanchez-Aguilar

3 filmmakers finish their documentary on a psychiatric institute that started when they were 17.


Luciela (2019)

A fiercely independent Mexican American girl celebrates the Fourth of July.

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Beyond the Shadows (unreleased)

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Nature Is My Teacher (unreleased)

Produced by Juliette Bouquerel

Bringing Water Back


Tokyo Lily, a war bride docu*memory (2024)

Directed by Yayoi Lena Winfrey

Sold into servitude at 13, she survived WWII in Japan and married an African American soldier.

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Francesca, You, Me (unreleased)

Directed by Catherine Green

Chronicles filmmaker Catherine Green’s journey to change her daughters future by changing her brain.



Produced by Jennifer Lane

The story of how Russian-Jewish immigrant Louise Nevelson became the most famous artist of her time.

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Gordon Crook A Life of Art (2010)

Directed by Clare Veronica O’Leary

art, colourist, sculpture, tapestry


Class Wars (unreleased)

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PLAYTOPIA (unreleased)

Directed by Bara Jichova Tyson

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Sweetwaters Community (unreleased)

Sweetwaters Community


Ellenville Rising (unreleased)

Directed by Jack Henry Huppert


Indigenous Success Stories series (unreleased)

Produced by Billy George Williams

Indigenous Success Stories is a documentary about indigenous people that are successful in the profe

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Project Famiglia (2024)

Directed by Anita Zvonar


Atomic Bamboozle (unreleased)

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Peace of Mind - Play in Turbulent Times (unreleased)

Produced by Dan Huber

This documentary will explore the role of play in mental health and play as a learning strategy.


Acting Like Women (2025)

Produced by Cheri Gaulke, Meg Linton & Cheryl Bookout

Changing art and society, one performance at a time.

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Mexico City '85 (unreleased)

Produced by Jennifer Wallace

One young mother's simple act of raising her hand to help influenced international disaster response