Documentary Films on The D-Word


Something To Me (unreleased)


Thumbs Up for Mother Universe (2020)

Stories from the Life of Lonnie Holley


Up on the Mountain (2022)

A film about commercial mushroom pickers and their struggle to access public lands.


Each of her scars has a story (2022)

Produced by Ganza Moise

abandonment , love and lost

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My Dad Gets a Smart Phone (unreleased)

A short documentary about my dad getting a smart phone for the first time.


Sometimes Surface (2022)

A man, a dog, and a handful of records.

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When Comedy Went to School (2013)

Modern standup comedy was born in the Catskill Mountains


Redline Veterans of Washington-Escobedo (unreleased)

James F. Freeman found the military services were no more willing to provide equality of opportunity


Box of Rain (2022)

A documentary film about a road trip, acceptance, and the healing power of music.

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Hands-On-History (2021)

A student of history becomes a teacher of history


The Strait Guys (2021)

Produced by Gunter Hanfgarn

London to New York by rail. Sound impossible? Not with the Intercontinental Railway!


Flint (2021)

Who Can You Trust?


Patarei (unreleased)


Eternal Materials (unreleased)

Directed by iari varriale

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not even for a moment do things stand still (2022)

Directed by Jamie Meltzer

Observational short on COVID loss, mourning during unfolding tragedy


Ezra: May His Memory Be For A Blessing (2021)

Ezra's Story Is Unique. Teen Suicide Isn't.

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Artist Profile Episode 3: River City Narrative (2021)

Music, River City Narrative, Artist Profile,