Documentary Films on The D-Word

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Fire in the Eyes (1999)

Activism, pepper spray, police abuse, direct action, Redwood’s, Humboldt, California, tree sits

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Striptease to save the Trees (2003)

Activism, poetry, logging, naked protest, Mendocino, direct action,


Getting Dirty Cob Building and Community (2012)

This is a journey in to a landscape of mud, clay and sand

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Luna The Stafford Giant Tree-Sit (1997)

Luna, Julia Butterfly, tree-sit, Redwood’s, Directir action


Sándor's Oregon Trail: The Barlow Road (2022)

Sándor follows footsteps of pioneers & Native people on the most perilous path of the Oregon Trail.

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Bo Legs (2021)

Documentary on Marvin Arrington, a centerpiece of Atlanta politics and culture.


Bluebirds of Antietam (2019)

Saving the American Bluebird at the Antietam National Battlefield

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Robin Hoods of the Waste Stream (unreleased)

Directed by Karney Hatch

Explores food waste solutions


Birthday Cake (2020)

Directed by Andrea Soledad Arauz Torres


Awakening (2020)

Through a conversation between her mother and a visitor; Alejandra realizes that she has repressed m


Sándor's New Zealand Trail/Behaviours of the Backpacker (2003)

Sándor Lau walks 500km across New Zealand backwards into the future.

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La Recua - The Mule Pack Train (2021)

A dozen donkeys and a dream.

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Hey! Teachers! (2020)

Produced by Eugenia Vengerova