Documentary Films on The D-Word

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Peace of Mind - Play in Turbulent Times (unreleased)

Produced by Dan Huber

This documentary will explore the role of play in mental health and play as a learning strategy.


Acting Like Women (2025)

Produced by Cheri Gaulke, Meg Linton & Cheryl Bookout

Changing art and society, one performance at a time.

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Mexico City '85 (unreleased)

Produced by Jennifer Wallace

One young mother's simple act of raising her hand to help influenced international disaster response


Trusted Sources (unreleased)

Idealistic journalists struggle to overcome public distrust, transforming the future of news.

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tOuch AI (unreleased)

Directed by Todd "Max" Carey

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Scenes from Deseret (unreleased)

Directed by Christopher Pavsek

2 channel video installation about the ever-changing landscape of Utah


Nadeem Uddin (2024)

Directed by Nadeem Uddin

Bhopal 84: worst industrial disaster to date by Union Carbide Plant in Bhopal, India

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Memorare Manila (unreleased)

Directed by Alex Skalomenos


Crypto-descendants revealed (2024)

Directed by Diana Lindarte

This documentary series will explore the life and experience of descendants of the Jews expelled fro


GIFTED - The Docuseries (unreleased)

If given the opportunity to save the lives of eight total strangers - could you, would you?

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Following Fania (unreleased)

Directed by Lisa Kenner Grissom & Christa P. Whitney

A film about the life, impact, and legacy of Jewish WWII resistance fighter, Fania Brantsovsky


Living the Legacy of Modern Dance (unreleased)

Directed by Kathy Hassinger

an educational documentary


Residual Splendour (2023)

Directed by Calvin Hudson Hwang


Exiting Hell Bar (2017)

Directed by Calvin Hudson Hwang


Miracle, Baby (2018)

Directed by Calvin Hudson Hwang

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'Mikey' - Working Title (unreleased)

Directed by Jack Graham


Found in Korea (2019)

Directed by Kevyn Settle

A documentary film about adoption for the whole family.