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The land where the gods dwell (2005)

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Directed by Michael Pluempe

The experience report of a traveler who learns in India what incredible India means


Worth Fighting For (1999)

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People Working to Protect the Great Lakes


The Man Out Front (2019)

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Produced by Tess Bergeson-Gallun

Mike Leckrone Story


Out of Respect (2011)

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Directed by Tess Bergeson-Gallun

A Story of Five


No Straight Lines (2021)

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Directed by Vivian Kleiman

Queer comic book artists emerge from margins of the Underground Comix scene to mainstream acceptance


Parkway of Broken Dreams (2021)

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Directed by Pj Perez

Beyond the Strip. Behind the Neon. A Las Vegas Story Like No Other.


Hockeyland (2022)

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Directed by Tommy Haines

In Minnesota’s unforgiving North Country, senior boys from rival communities skate for a last chance


The 5th Man (2022)

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Directed by Trey Nelson

Legendary Long Island track coach Paul Limmer meditates on his legacy: sacrifices and achievements


Taxiderman (2021)

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Directed by Rossella Laeng

Grieving owners embark on a pilgrimage to Padua in search of a second life for their beloved pet


Raven (2022)

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Directed by Vincent Vittorio


Crossing Arizona (2006)

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The conflict over immigration told through the lives and actions of people on the border.


Music of the Hammer (2019)

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Directed by Paul Miil

Conversations with people in the contemporary professional music scene around Hamilton.


Godspeed, Los Polacos! (2021)

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Directed by Adam Nawrot

The lost story of the world's greatest road trip.

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Life on the Towpath (unreleased)

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Directed by michelle doran


My So-Called Selfish Life (2021)

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Directed by Therese Shechter

An irreverent journey to discover what it means to say no to motherhood.


Tomorrow Never Knows (2017)

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Directed by Adam Sekuler


Bebés Robados de España (2021)

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Directed by Greg Rabidoux

Robados al nacer y vendidos ilegalmente a extraños


Why you have to be Black and gay (2022)

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Directed by Holly Lehren