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Skanks (2014)

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A New Documentary About Theatre and Family


51 Birch Street (2006)

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Produced by Doug Block

Do you really want to know your parents?


Homesick (2013)

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Directed by Susan Abod

Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities


Bolinao 52 (2009)

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One boat with 110 passengers escaped Vietnam. After 37 days of drifting only 52 survived.


Hotline (2014)

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Produced by Tony Shaff

At hotlines, the phones never stop ringing with calls from people looking to connect with strangers.


Punk Jews (2012)

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Produced by Evan Kleinman

Hassidic rockers, Yiddish street performers, African American activists… smashing stereotypes.


Escape from Firebase Kate (2015)

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A Vietnam War story of bravery, and survival, against all odds.


Fistful of Roses (2009)

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Produced by Peter Gerard

a street rose-seller battles his dark imagination and the dangers of Edinburgh's nightlife


Elena (2014)

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Directed by Petra Costa

Based on a true story, ELENA obliterates the line between documentary, diary and fever dream.


Filming The List (2014)

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Filming a one woman play for the cinema sounds straightforward but proves anything but.


Tree Fellers (2004)

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Produced by Robin Macpherson

Story of 900 Belizean lumberjacks who in 1942 came to Scotland to cut trees and make a new life

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Making It Wright (2014)

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Diving in the airport controversy in Creswell, Oregon


Hotel Folly: Folie a Deux (2013)

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The human cost of the banking crisis

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Heist:Who Stole the American Dream? (2012)

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Heist traces the current economic nightmare to a secret memo crafted in 1971 by Lewis Powell.


Where's My Food?! (2014)

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Revealing amazing and touching stories hidden in the hearts of the people who serve us our food.


A Letter to the Prime Minister, Jo Wilding's Diary from Iraq (2005)

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Jo Wilding's Eye witness account of the occupation of Iraq 2002 - 2004


The Dragons of Jim Green (2012)

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True. Science. Fiction.


Polly Hill and Her Arboretum (1996)

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In any batch of seed, just like any batch of people, there's a few that stand out.