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Personal Doc, Music, Arts, and Human Interest

Exploring the role of creativity in the life of a midwestern, 40-year-old professor of law. I've known Sean Kammer for 30 years now. He and I have been collaborating on creative projects for nearly that long as well. In the fall of 2019, I was so taken with the songs he was working on for his then-immanent album, POSSIBLE BIRD, that I proposed a film project about it. On a Friday after work in September, I took a carload of gear from my production job in Minneapolis to his house in South Dakota, arriving around 11 pm. We filmed all day and evening on Saturday, a little Sunday morning, and I was back home in Minnesota by 5 pm Sunday. Anchored by an engaged on-camera conversation between the two of us in his basement home studio, and bolstered by archival footage from our decades of collaboration, this film examines the role of creativity for one who has not made a career in the arts—including the conflict between Sean's commitment to his music and his reluctance to share it.

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  • David Ullman ... Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Producer, Sound,

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United States
Vermillion, South Dakota

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