Documentary Films on The D-Word

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Fencing for the Edge (2024)

Directed by Holly Buechel


Aleutian Change (2024)

Directed by Sarah Betcher


One Person, One Vote? (2024)

Directed by Maximina Juson

A feature doc examining the Electoral College and how race and slavery shaped the electoral process.


The Architects of Hope:The First Steps in Rebuilding Ukraine (2024)

Hope is first imagining, and then creating, that which you previously did not think possible.


A Good Wolf (2024)

Directed by Ramey Newell

A feature doc exploring the 40-year conflict over predator policy at Denali Nat'l Park in Alaska.

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Following Pál (unreleased)

Directed by Hanh Nguyen


Happy Campers (unreleased)


Redline Veterans of Washington-Escobedo (unreleased)

James F. Freeman found the military services were no more willing to provide equality of opportunity

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Humans of Pride (unreleased)

Directed by Kevin Ricupero


Because I'm Here (2025)

Directed by Andrew Garrison

A story of a rural, gay, black, devoutly Christian, gospel musician that took 35 years to tell.


Sign My Name to Freedom (unreleased)

The Lost Music of Betty Reid Soskin


Sharing Breath Has No Label (2024)

Directed by Cullen Blanchfield


Everything I Own (formerly titled Lost and Found) (unreleased)

Directed by Andrew Garbus


OUT IN THE STREETS (unreleased)

Directed by Daniel "Dusty" Albanese


Food Lies (unreleased)

Directed by Jay Hanamura

Old Lies and New Science on What Humans Are Meant to Eat


The Last Puppet Show (unreleased)

The puppets doth protest!


Gabriel's Back Pages (2024)

Directed by Carmen Elena Mitchell

A Filmmaker's Journey Through Schizophrenia

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American Dendrite (unreleased)

Directed by Adam Marshall Present

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Flood (2024)

Produced by Katy Scoggin

A filmmaker revisits her evangelical roots to find humanity and common ground with her estranged dad