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Nick & Chai (2014)

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Directed by Wena Sanchez

Dword avatar film

Cody High (unreleased)

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Briars in the Cotton Patch: The Story of Koinonia Farm (2005)

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Possibly the most daring social experiment in the Southern United States in the last century.


End of the Earth (unreleased)

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Refugee Crisis ( 2001)


Letters from Pyongyang (2012)

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A father and son's rare journey into the secretive North Korean capital in search of lost relatives.


No Son Invisibles: Maya Women and Microfinance (2007)

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Microfinance documentary in Chiapas, Mexico featuring Muhammad Yunus


Gypsy Davy (2012)

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One man, five women, five children, one love: Flamenco


500 DUNAM on the MOON (2002)

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Produced by Eyal Sivan

The art of dispossession and the creativity of the dispossessed.


Ashkenaz (2007)

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Produced by Osnat Trabelsi

How the "others" of Europe became the "Europe" of the others.


The Storyteller of Amsterdam (2013)

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Everyone has a story. And every story is a miracle.


Muskrat Lovely (2005)

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Every skinning competition needs a queen...


Deconstructing Dad, The Raymond Scott Documentary (2010)

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His filmmaker son probes the life and work of his father, music visionary Raymond Scott.


A Love That Hurts (2014)

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A married couple struggles to find a connection as things outside of their marriage test their unio