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Sweetwaters Community (unreleased)

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Sweetwaters Community

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Topsy Foundation (unreleased)

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Short documentary detailing what Topsy Foundation does to help a poverty-stricken community.


Ellenville Rising (unreleased)

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Directed by Jack Henry Huppert


String of Stories (2022)

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Produced by Yes She Rises LLC

Misogyny, Discrimination; Sexual abuse; religious servitude; patriarchy

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Pushing Paper (2023)

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Directed by Shawn Wildermuth

A neighborhood can support independent book stores. I have proof.


Indigenous Success Stories series (unreleased)

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Produced by Billy George Williams

Indigenous Success Stories is a documentary about indigenous people that are successful in the profe


Humankindness (2024)

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Directed by Darren Cavanagh, Anja Glivar & Matej Glivar

Discover how kindness Towards animals can save us all


Robotic Vision (2022)

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Directed by Matthew Dahlitz

The History of Australian Robotic Vision


Toward Singularity (2020)

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Directed by Matthew Dahlitz

Our Future With Artificial Intelligence


The Long Goodbye, A Caregiver's Journey (unreleased)

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The Love of a Daughter One person caring for another represents one of life’s greatest values


Art & Soul: An Ongoing Project (2023)

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Directed by Kevin Outa

It is an ongoing series dedicated to artists; to the people who love to create.

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The Lively Orgasm (2023)

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Produced by Jill Godmilow

How to Have One


Miss Alma Thomas: A Life in Color (2021)

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Directed by Cheri Gaulke

Alma W. Thomas, a Black woman artist, broke color barriers on and off the canvas.


Where's My Food?! (2014)

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Directed by Lee Godden

Revealing amazing and touching stories hidden in the hearts of the people who serve us our food.


The Flagmakers (2022)

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American dreams and realities tangle inside the largest flag factory in the USA.


MerPeople (2023)

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Directed by Cynthia Wade

The enchanting world of underwater performers who pursue high-stake mermaid careers.


HOME (2008)

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Produced by Dawn Scibilia

The journey never ends

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Capucine Bourcart (2021)

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Produced by Bill Kavanagh

Capucine Bourcart is a short documentary on the artist and her process.