Sándor Lau

Vancouver, Washington, United States

Film Projects


Sándor Lau was born in a good mood. He is the award-winning director of feature documentaries Squeegee Bandit and Sándor’s Oregon Trail/Behaviors of the Backpacker.

He served as a reporter on Asia Down Under TV series on TVNZ and earned his Master’s degree in film and TV production at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Sándor has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Variety, New Zealand Herald, NPR affiliate stations, The Moth, and is an award-winning short story writer.

After over a decade as a recovering filmmaker, his relapse is imminent with principal photography now complete for his third feature doc, Sándor's Oregon Trail: The Barlow Road. Resident in the Pacific Northwest, Sándor is a Fulbright Scholar and Eagle Scout who really can make fire with sticks.

Think of him as Ken Burns’ adrenaline junkie grandson. SandorLau.com, YouTube.com/SandorLau, Instagram.com/SandorLau