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Make It Happen (2020)

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An Oxford professor, a photographer and a youth climate activist on rebuilding trust in business.


Trapped by Plastic (2021)

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Photographer Mandy Barker shows the devastating, far-reaching impact of marine plastic pollution.


Back to Camp (2015)

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Directed by ashley mosher


Cats of Malta (2023)

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Directed by Sarah Jayne Portelli

Uniting the Island


Life on the V: The Story of V66 (2014)

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Directed by Eric Green

In 1985, the Music Video Revolution was Televised. On Channel 66.


Beyond Women's Stereotypes (2003)

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One image, many realities

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Knocturnal (2015)

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Directed by John J Miller IV


Art of Healing (2022)

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Directed by Everett Ravens


Anything You Lose (2018)

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Personal doc on Reproductive Technologies.


In God We Trust, Inc.- The Lost Tapes (2003)

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Directed by Eric S. Goodfield

A film showing the original recording session of Dead Kennedys album In God We Trust, Inc.


BBC StoryWorks // Clif Bar (2021)

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How the food industry can put people and the planet first


For Tomorrow (2022)

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Directed by An Tran

A documentary about grassroots innovators

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PAX Service: An Alternative to War (2008)

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Produced by Burton Buller

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The land where the gods dwell (2005)

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Directed by Michael Pluempe

The experience report of a traveler who learns in India what incredible India means


Worth Fighting For (1999)

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People Working to Protect the Great Lakes