Everything In The Song Is True

Feature documentary about four iconic contemporary American cowboy artists.



Doug Morrione (B.A., Colby College, M.A., The New School for Social Research) is an award-winning television producer and filmmaker currently based in Dubai, UAE. His work has been broadcast internationally on major networks, including HBO, ESPN, NBC, and PBS for over two decades. Doug also taught media studies graduate school programs in Manhattan, particularly courses in editing for film and documentary production.

Responding to a growing desire to create a film of his own, Doug raised money through a Kickstarter campaign and moved to New Mexico to document the lives of four iconic cowboy characters: Gary McMahan – a national champion yodeler, legendary songwriter and poet; Jeff Nourse – a fourth generation cattle rancher, cowboy singer and iron sculptor; Brice Chapman – trick roper, farrier and animal trainer; and Yvonne Hollenbeck – an award-winning hand-stitch quilt maker, cowgirl poet and ranch wife.

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