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Directed by Rhonda Moskowitz
Produced by Rhonda Moskowitz
Difficult journeys of two American Jewish families,each with members who are or have been in prison.


Social Issues

The word, "Teshuva" is a Judaic concept of redemption and return to God and one's essential self. RETURN (TESHUVA), follows two young Jewish prisoners, who struggle to repair their broken lives and the devastation they've caused their loved ones.

"Teshuva was put into the world because God knew that humans would get lost and make mistakes. God knew that we would need a way back." (Rabbi Mark Borovitz, author of "Holy Thief:A Con Man's Journey From Darkness to Light.")

Twenty three year old Jewish parents Dana and Philip are traveling on a road filled with monumental obstacles and setbacks, from incarceration towards redemption. Drug addiction caused them to be imprisoned emotionally, spiritually and physically, and they are still struggling. The shattered lives of their parents, siblings and children are being chronicled during Dana and Philip’s respective journeys to finding their way back.Also,a cousin on Death Row.

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Prod. Co.
Shining Light Productions
United States
Southern State, USA

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