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Elemental - Atomic Tales & Periodic Fables

Produced by Mike Paterson



ELEMENTAL: Atomic Tales & Periodic Fables is a playful collection of short documentary films from around the globe, each one exploring our lives through the lens of a different element from the periodic table. The diverse individual films combine to create an engaging experience about our relationships with the elements while celebrating the art and craft of documentary filmmaking.

ELEMENTAL allows creative freedom to award-winning directors and upcoming talent from around the world. Each filmmaker tells a human story about the way one element is used in a 5 - 15 minute film directed in their unique voice and style. There are as many stories about how the elements touch our lives as there are creative ways to portray the

The goal is to provide a timely, thought-provoking and creative exploration of the elements which drive our modern world, motivated by the alarming rate at which we are using many of them up.

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United Kingdom
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Sandbox Films, The Wellcome Trust

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