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Morphing Gravity

Directed by Mitch Levine
We have yearned to fly since we began to dream. A chronicle of the creation of an aerial ballet.



MORPHING GRAVITY is a feature-length dance documentary. The film continues in the vein of Wim Wenders’ PINA in breaking new ground in both storytelling and the movement and process being described:

We have yearned to fly since we began to dream. Leaving the earth and the terrestrial pull of gravity has been central to human hopes and longing since consciousness began. Lisa Giobbi – a dancer, aerialist and choreographer – has wedded her art with these dreams. MORPHING GRAVITY chronicles her journey and the creation of her aerial ballet, Fight or Flight.

Aerial movement is substantially different from traditional dance: at first glance, much of the movement feels "normal" to the eye. However, a small jump where the body does not move in space, an impossibly light lift or a lean which tips the dancer at an angle seemingly beyond possibility: the laws of physics are challenged and provoked, subtly altering our perception and comprehension.

in post-production
Running time
75 and 52 minutes


Production Details

Prod. Co.
AntiMatter Films
United States
Years of Production
2012 to Present
New York, Las Vegas, the world...

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