Heather Cassano


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Public bio

Heather Cassano is a documentary filmmaker living and working in the Greater Boston Area. She is originally from Maryland but has been heavily influenced by her time studying cinema and photojournalism in North Carolina and Copenhagen. Her films are reminiscent of the direct cinema movement, adopting a patient, invested approach with her subjects. Heather blends this observational style with deeply personal narratives, striving to tell authentic stories through her personal experiences.

In 2018, Heather premiered her first feature-length documentary The Limits of My World to a packed cinema at the Independent Film Festival Boston. The film went on to screen at numerous festivals across the United States and internationally, winning three Best Documentary awards and a Jury Prize. Heather is currently in development on her second feature-length documentary. 

When she's not making films Heather teaches documentary production at Emerson College and programs the short films for Salem Film Fest. She is also an active member of the Non-Fiction Cartel, a working group for non-fiction filmmakers in Boston.