Ruth Somalo

New York, New York, United States

Film Projects


Ruth graduated in Communications at the Complutense University of Madrid in 1998, and completed Ph.D. courses in Film and European Studies at European University of Madrid. She has directed and produced several documentaries and short films. She has studied with documentary film directors such as Dick Fontaine, Marc Isaacs, Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzman, Michael Rabiger, Javier Corcuera and Jose Luis Guerin. Ruth has worked in advertising, TV and Corporate Video for the last seven years. While living in London she worked for Spanish TVE and Canal+ as a correspondent. Besides her own work, she has also contributed to documentaries produced in the United Kingdom as a videographer. "Till You're Told To Stop", is her last feature length documentary about british singer songwriter James Blunt. The film that took 5 years to make has started its festival run in 2009 and is already won the "Best international Documentary award" at Rincon International film Festival. Her feature length documentary "200Km" (co-directed, co-written and co-produced) was premiered in San Sebastián Film Festival in 2005 to public and critical acclaim. The film has been distributed theatrically and has achieved success at festivals around the world. Notably, it was awarded Best Screenplay at The Golden Gate Fiction and Documentary Festival, in San Francisco (2005). Ruth lives in New York where she is producing and directing "Sweeping The Streets", a new feature documentary that will take place in Bombay (India), Rioja (Spain), Chicago(USA), and Nablus(West Bank); and a documentary about the production of the Rock Musical Loserville, that started as a workshop with the Youth Music Theatre UK and has already been offered a stage in the West End (written by James Bourne & Elliot Davis). She is also developing a TV documentary series, writing a new feature length script and having a go at directing music videos. Filmography: 2009 Feature Documentary: Till You’re Told To Stop: James Blunt. Producer/Director/Camera/Editor 2008 Short Documentary: Beggining in Islington. Producer/Director/Camera/Editor 2007 Short Documentary: Going Places: Attempting an international mobility biography Producer/Director/Camera/Editor 2006 Short Documentary: Thank you Dr. Gowne. Producer/Director/Cámera/Editor 2006 Short Institutional Film: Rural woman of Castilla la Mancha. Director. 2005 Short Documentary: Sir Tom Baker. Producer/Director/Camera/Editor. 2004 Feature Documentary: 200Km. Co-producer/co-Director/Camera/Script (colectivo Discusión 14) 2004 Short Documentary: The shadow of the clouds. Producer/Director/Camera/Editor. 2004 Short Fiction: Spanish Eyes. Producer/Director/Actress/Voice over. 2003 Short Fiction: From the Bathtub (Desde la Bañera). Producer/Director/Editor. 2003 Short Documentary: Call Center: a new memory (Locutorio: Una nueva memoria). Producer/Director/Editor