Mitch Teplitsky


Film Projects

Public bio

I’m a producer and marketing expert from NY who specializes in documentaries about inspiring Peruvian women, funny enough.

I am currently working on a sequel to my earlier film SOY ANDINA. This time, the "Andina" (Nelida Silva) moves back to her Peruvian hometown after 20 years in New York to help rural women start businesses — but ends up running for mayor, against 10 corrupt macho men who claim she's a rich outsider. 

In an earlier life, I went to University of Pennsyvania (Wharton) for marketing, worked in corporate media, got hired as the first marketing director at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. I was pretty set. Then I met a folk dancer from Peru (Nelida Silva), who introduced me to the world of Peruvian friends and culture in the NY area.

Long story short, I left Lincoln Center for Peru to make SOY ANDINA, which made quite a splash, showing on US Public television (Latino Public Broadcasting's "Voces" series on PBS stations) film festivals and many universities.  

After that, I produced NEW AMERICAN GIRLS for PBS.org; won a Fulbright grant to work on a multimedia project back in Peru; and consult quite a few other producers on fundraising and distribution.

It’s probably no surprise that I am learning Andean guitar and can make a mean Pisco Sour.