Give Me A Shot Of Anything: Housecalls to the Homeless

Give Me A Shot Of Anything: Housecalls to the Homeless

When they fall down, we'll pick them up or we can let them lie and die in the streets


Social Issues, Biography, Human Interest, Society, and Contemporary Issues

Dr. Jim O'Connell is the preeminent expert on health care for the homeless. He also happens to be a charismatic Bostonian street doctor with unrivalled dedication to his patients. He and his team make 'house calls' to the homeless, delivering medical care to men and women at their most vulnerable. Canvassing the parks, back alleys and streets of Boston, and building on the relationships he has formed over the last 30 years, he patches up those he can, and offers others with more serious illnesses a way to escape before it's too late. This salvation from the streets is the Barbara McInnis House Respite Center. It is here that the homeless can recuperate, get a clean bed, three meals a day, and some of the best medical care available. It’s a place where the forgotten can call home and think about what their next steps might be. GIVE ME A SHOT OF ANYTHING challenges us to look past the existing prejudices we may have, and examines how we as a society treat our least fortunate. The harsh reality and stark transformation of these extraordinary people’s lives provides undeniable drama, as well as bittersweet humor. The issues of poverty and health care have never been so relevant as they are today. With this documentary we can advance public consciousness about the homeless and health care in America.

Running time
81 minutes


Production Details

Prod. Co.
PrimaLux Vide Inc.
United States
Years of Production
Boston, MA

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