Two's a Crowd

Two's a Crowd

Directed by Tom Isler & Jim Isler
A tale of romance and rent control.


Portrait, Biography, and Docutainment

What's the key to a successful marriage?

For Allen Sheinman and Collette Stallone, the answer is separate apartments, 20 blocks from each other in New York City, where the couple has lived happily for the first four years of their mid-life marriage. But when the economic downturn takes a toll on their finances, Allen and Collette are forced to cohabit.

To save money, Allen decides to shoehorn himself into Collette's tiny, rent-controlled one-bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village. But neither is ready to give up independence. So Allen and Collette turn Collette's apartment into a makeshift two-bedroom, installing sliding doors for privacy. Allen moves into the living room. Collette keeps the bedroom. On weekends, Allen is allowed to sleep over. The kitchen, which includes the apartment’s only shower, is neutral territory.

TWO'S A CROWD is a comedic documentary about romance, rent control, and two classic New York characters who question our assumptions about love and marriage.



  • Tom Isler ... Director, editor, cinematographer
  • Jim Isler ... Director, editor, cinematographer
  • Paul Furedi ... Sound Mix
  • Troy Thompson ... Colorist

Production Details

Prod. Co.
Gloaming Pictures
United States
Years of Production
New York City

Distribution Details



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