Shamans of The Global Village Episode 1

Shamans of The Global Village Episode 1

Directed by Niles Heckman
Octavio Rettig and The Sonoran Desert Toad



Come on an intimate journey into the world of modern global shamanism with modern practitioners and see footage of ancient medicine practices.

Each episode follows a specific medicine person working with a specific medicine.

Indigenous people across the globe have used natural and sacred earth medicines for millennia to heal, illuminate and connect them to the web of life. From ayahuasca and san pedro in south america, psilocybin mushrooms and salvia divinorum in mexico, peyote in north america, kambo in brazil, iboga in africa, and dmt-acacias in australia, etc., each of these psychoactive medicines needs a healer to connect them to their patients: the shaman.

This investigative-adventure documentary series examines not just these shamanic medicines, but the shamans that wield them. Shamans of the global village is unique with a focus on both indigenous and modern men and women learning to become shamans, what drives them, what their backgrounds are, and why the role of the shaman



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