Art & Soul: An Ongoing Project

Art & Soul: An Ongoing Project

Directed by Kevin Outa
Produced by Belinda Odongo
It is an ongoing series dedicated to artists; to the people who love to create.


Arts, Music, Portrait, Lifestyle, and Personal Doc

“Art & Soul’ is a personal project that I had initially conceptualized as a photo project in my early days as a photographer.
My intention was to create an ongoing photo project that could potentially last a lifetime, where I would be taking photographs of different artists as they work on their creative pieces.
After a few years of developing and changing the idea severally, I decided to take it up as a video project, adopting a documentary-style approach, to give the project a stronger storytelling edge.
Through this, we will be able to leverage its power as a platform to promote and empower Kenyan creatives.
As a web series, each episode of “Art & Soul” will focus on the creative process of the artists we will interview, trying to get a deeper understanding of their work, and why they work in the way that they do.
I believe artists are the best to be featured in this series because their passionate nature will help them open up, and give a raw and unfiltered insight into their work.

in production
Running time
7, 10 or 15 minutes


  • Kevin Outa ... Director, Producer, Editor
  • Belinda Odongo ... Producer

Production Details

Years of Production
Nairobi, Kajiado
Prod. Partners
Belinda Odongo

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