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Mexico City '85

Produced by Jennifer Wallace
One young mother's simple act of raising her hand to help influenced international disaster response


History, Adventure, Biography, Minorities, and Natural History

When one of history's most devastating earthquakes tore apart Mexico City in 1985, a young mom was inspired to help, risking everything. She left her 4-month old and 10-year old daughters and husband at home to field the United States' first international volunteer disaster response team including search and rescue dogs, laying the foundation for the country's current-day disaster-response structure. She and her team had 35-confirmed live finds in the rubble---people who might not have survived, and the generations of their families who wouldn't have come to be, had it not been for the highly trained partnership of woman and woman's best friend.

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Production Details

Prod. Co.
Thunderbolt Forge Films
United States
Years of Production
California, Mexico City

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