The Last Witch

The Last Witch

Produced by Dawn Green
A documentary 330 years in the making


Community building video, The Last Witch


Current Affairs, Cultural History, Supernatural, Politics, and Human Rights

The big question is why do the Salem Witch Trials matter today? Our early research and initial principal photography of a story about how a middle school teacher and her students succeeded in their efforts to exonerate Elizabeth Johnson Jr, an unmarried, childless, possibly mentally challenged woman, has already revealed the multitude of contexts that her story impacts: women's rights, wrongful incarceration, mental health, education, legislature, fact checking, economics and and voice, to name a few.
In the middle of the storm, we tell the story as one of two single women, 330 years apart, and a group of middle school children standing together to make a difference. If they can change history, as they did, what does that have to say about all of us and our power to stand up for what is right. We all have a stake in this story and if we don't listen, we risk another apocalypse.

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Prod. Co.
Idun Productions, LLC
United States
Salem, MA

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