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The Story of Story

How the 7 Powers of Story Impact Civilization


History, Anthropology, Culture, Public Affairs, and Social Issues

The Story of Story draws on insights from Story Intelligence and explores this extraordinary power of story and how it has impacted human evolution and the development of our brains; the ways that stories are the key to finding meaning and purpose in life; the mysterious ways that stories can be the elixir for all that ails us psychically and spiritually; the integral importance of how stories enable us to learn and grow; the insidious ways that stories divide us and the miraculous ways that stories can bring peoples together to heal the past; and, the elegance of our brains’ wiring that enables us to simulate the future and create a better world. As we see it, stories show up in seven dimensions of our lives, imparting to us remarkable superpowers:
1 The Power to Transport
2 The Power to Communicate
3 The Power to Enable Learning
4 The Power to Create Meaning
5 The Power to Transform
6 The Power of Story to Unite
7 The Power of Story to Envision Possibilities

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