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The Rubber Soldiers

Directed by Eva Neide
the forgotten army


Human Rights, Cultural History, Human Interest, Politics, and History

"The Rubber Soldiers" documentary film exposes the journey of over 55 thousand civilians who were sent into the Amazon jungle to extract latex, by the United States and The Brazilian governments, in a World War II effort. After the Japanese took over the Malayan rubber plantations in 1942, the US in a desperate need for rubber, made an Accord with Brazilian government to send men into the Amazon jungle to havest the latex, so to provide the vital element. Nearly 30 thousands of these rubber tappers perished in the jungle and the remining survivors were left there to their sort. Sixty-seven years later, the daughter of a surviving Rubber Soldiers brings to the world what it was to be in their shoes and seeks justice to these forgotten soldiers.

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  • Eva Neide ... Director, Co-Producer, Writer, Cinematographer

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Portuguese with subtitles

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