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For the Good of Mankind

Produced by jay miracle
An 85 year exploration of the shift in our biosphere through the eyes of Marshall Islander elders


Contemporary Issues, Science, Human Rights, Social Issues, and Investigation

Erine Jitiam - the elder spokesperson for the Marshall Islands - will celebrate her 85th birthday this fall. Though living in a remote, island paradise, she has experienced how science and technology have devastated our future since the globe dramatically transformed in the 30's. She and other Marshall Islanders will share experiences of the effects of the 3 scientific events that have now pushed the world to the brink of a biological crisis through: nuclear proliferation, an onslaught of technological innovation, and a growing climate shift.

in production


Production Details

Prod. Co.
WandW Inc
United States
Years of Production
started in 2018
Marshall Islands, US, England, France

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