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Park View

Directed by Tab Ballis
Illuminating the humanity of a lesbian hate crime murder victim in a Southern coastal town


Culture, Investigation, Minorities, and Human Rights

Park View explores a case that has been shrouded in mystery, revealing the life of one woman, and the cultural, legal, and media responses to the aftermath of her death. Park View will lead the viewer on a journey of understanding, from a horrific murder in a coastal Southern town, to the validation of our common humanity.

Years of research suggest that the burying of Talana Kreeger's memory has created a disconnect within the community that continues to be felt. The Park View Project opens a window into the grief and healing of minority cultures that have been typically overlooked or misunderstood by the media, so that the people of Wilmington, NC can tell their own story and authenticity to the film.

in post-production


Production Details

Prod. Co.
Family Tree Productions
United States
Years of Production
2006 to present
Wilmington, NC
Prod. Partners
Michael Davenport, Stephen Sprinkle

Distribution Details

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