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The Peace Film (documentary)

Produced by Francesco Da Vinci
In the sixties, he went to war with war.


Human Rights, Contemporary Issues, Politics, History, and Portrait

LOGLINE: A true story from the front lines of the sixties peace movement as told by activist Francesco Da Vinci who risked prison as a conscientious objector and formed a peace group in militaristic San Diego that stirred the conscience of America.

A young peace activist, who gave up a life of privilege in order to work to end the Vietnam War. For refusing induction in Virginia he was threatened with a five-year prison term, and became the target of intense ostracism that spilled over to his family and fiancee.

Despite the advice of his draft attorney to keep "a low profile, he formed Nonviolent Action, a peace
group, with the support of Cesar Chavez and singer Joan Baez.

Viewers will see many amazing parallels between the polarization of the sixties and today's divided America. The doc is intended to carry on the altruistic spirit of the sixties and promote social justice and peace through nonviolence.

in development
Running time
90 minutes


Production Details

Prod. Co.
Francesco Da Vinci Productions
United States
Years of Production
Los Angeles & San Diego

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