Black Panthers in the Emerald City: Keepers of the Dream

A series of vignettes about Seattle Women Black Panthers


Contemporary Issues, History, Politics, Biography, and Cultural History

Seattle Women Black Panthers Project
“Panther women became indispensable not only to the Black Panther Party but to the larger civil rights movement as well...they were “keepers of the dream.” *
The women of the Black Panther Party were instrumental to the success of the Party's survival programs such as the health centers and school breakfasts.
Yet, these women's stories have not been visible.
Now, our mostly People of Color team is documenting the stories of the Women of Color of the Seattle Black Panther movement.
"Keeper of the Dream: Frances Dixon" is the first documentary produced.
The stories of five more former Women Panthers are in production.

*Curtis Austin, “Up Against the Wall” https://www.uapress.com/product/up-against-the-wall/

in post-production


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Winning Pictures, LLC
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