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“TRUSTWORTHY” is a feature-length documentary film about the importance of media literacy. The film


Docutainment, Current Affairs, and Social Issues

TRUSTWORTHY is a feature-length documentary, currently in production, that explores the importance of media literacy and efforts being made to promote it.
Through dynamic interviews with experts and compelling human stories, the film examines how information and disinformation are created, shared, and spread throughout societies and how this, combined with confirmation bias and internet algorithms, affects our world.
Presented by the Getting Better Foundation, and directed by Academy Award® nominee, Roko Belic (HAPPY, GENGHIS BLUES).
Who will see it and how will it be distributed?
We expect TRUSTWORTHY will reach a global audience through a variety of exhibition platforms that might include:
Digital platforms like Netflix, Amazon, iTunes
Educational media distributors and platforms such as Films Media Group and Kanopy
TV broadcasts on networks like PBS, CBC, ABC
Film screenings hosted by a wide array of organizations and stakeholders around the world, including public and private educational institutions, educator and parent-teacher associations, media and media literacy organizations, social good organizations, technology leaders, civic groups, industry conferences, and many more.
TRUSTWORTHY will also likely find audiences at a number of film festivals around the world.

in production
Running time
90 minutes


Production Details

Prod. Co.
Wadi Rum Films
United States
Years of Production
United States, India, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Latvia, Estonia
Prod. Partners
Getting Better Foundation

Distribution Details

Release year
We are currently seeking distributor & additional funding partners
English with sub-titles
German, French, Spanish

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